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Installation Tips

Insure the coolant return line has no kinks and at no point is it higher than the outlet port on the unit! Coolant return is gravity fed and having any point in the return higher than the outlet can result in the unit overflowing and spilling coolant onto the floor.
outlet hose

Adjust Intake Float

You can adjust the float attitude and position in the tank by adjusting the position of the magnetic clamp and by extending or reducing the length of the hose between the magnet and float assembly.


If there is going to be a problem with the unit it will usually be that its not drawing in coolant to process. Check these items first.
  • Is air connected and on? (Gauge should show 35 psi)
  • Is the flow control valve opened?
  • Is the pump running?



    • If the pump is running what does the filter gauge indicate?
      • Is it in the red? Yes, clogged filter or intake skimmer. If the skimmer is not clogged remove and clean the filter. (See video below for procedure)




      • While the filter is off blow air into the coolant inlet port and feel for air blast at the filter mount. If there is no or limited air blow from the filter side out to clear any obstruction in the intake side








      • Is it in the green? There may be a obstruction after the filter. Apply air and check for a vacuum at the coolant outlet with you finger. If there is no vacuum remove supply air and then remove covers and check lines between filter and pump for obstructions.

  • If the pump is not running:
    • Try adjusting the pressure momentarily above 35 psi
    • Remove the side panel and press the pump reset button
  • If the pump is running and there still is no draw check to see if the pump is drawing or if there is an internal clog this way:

Cleaning the Inlet Filter

  • You could check and clean the filter every 2 weeks or when the indicator starts to move into the yellow zone on the built in gauge.
  • Clean the filter by high pressure air and it can be washed with water.
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