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Your Total Pollution Solution For Manufacturing

Features & Benefits

1) Reducing the cost of adding coolant: Annual cost ↓ 30~60%
2) Reducing the attrition of tools: Annual cost ↓  20~30%
3) Reducing machine down time for maintenance: Annual cost ↓  20%
4) Recycling the waste oil and extending the life of cutting fluid: ↑  40~60%
5) Stabilizing the concentration of coolant to promote efficiency: ↑ 500%
6) Filtering the fine chips to avoid damaged to tools and workpieces.
7) Eliminating the growth of bacteria and threats to human health.
8) Providing continuously clean coolant and eliminating pungent smell.

The Heart of the System

Patented Design -- State Of The Art Filter System
This state of the art coolant filtration system provides a rapid separation of the way lube oil from the coolant thru a patented design. The S.T.P.M. module is made from an injected molded proprietary non-lipophilic polymer. Each module consists of multiple filter screens overlapped in an unique design . The filter screen is formed by angled surfaces which increases the surface area of contact with inlet objects. This cutting edge design enhances the oil separation from the coolant swiftly and efficiently and speeds the separation of micro-fines (particles smaller than 40 microns) increasing coolant life by up to 500% and tool life by up to 20%.

And Super Easy Installation!

Designed for Easy Self-Installation
So simple you can be up and running in under 15 minutes ! ! !

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