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Bad coolant can lead to skin, lung, and eye problems!

dermatitis     throat and lungs     irritated eyes

And affect tool life, part finish, and maintenance time!

tools     part finish     maintenance
Bacteria and micro-organisms generally propagate and accumulate because of used lubrication or barfeed oil contaminating the coolant (water based coolant). If waste oil is not removed it will form a sludge on the surface which contaminates the coolant. Swarf also facilitates the growth of the bacteria and fungi that feed on the coolant by providing a substrate for them to grow on. These bacteria create noxious gases, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and hydrochloric acid (HCl). Hydrogen sulfide causes unpleasant odors. Hydrochloric acid, however, can cause skin, eye, and lung irritation.

Bacteria chemically alter machine coolants, destroying lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, while releasing corrosive acids and salts into the fluid. Microbial action directly affects the machine coolant resulting in the splitting of emulsions, decreased pH, increased corrosion, degradation of the ingredients in the machine coolant and a loss of lubricating ability within the machine coolant.

COntaminated coolant

The Solution

Green Eco Pro

The ULTRA 360 is a self-contained, compact (approx. 28"hx19"dx8.5"w), GREEN solution to coolant purification. The Ultra 360 has a 2 stage filtering process to remove fines, microfines, and tramp oil. The coolant is first passed through a 40 micron mechanical (reusable) filter and then is passed through the patented S.T.P.M. filter (cleanable/reusable) to speed coalescing and removal of tramp oil and micro-fines. The processing of the coolant also aerates it.

Removal of fines and tramp oil and aeration of coolant inhibits growth of bacteria that produce bad smells (Hydrogen Sulfide) and Hydrochloric Acid which is a known irritant of the skin, eyes, and lungs.

This processing extends coolant life up to 500% and because coolant lubricity is maintained and abrasive fines are removed, tool life increases.

The ULTRA 360 runs off of conveniently available shop air. There is no electricity required, no submerged electrical pumps or power cords to create issues on the machine side in case of failure. Certifications

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Ultra 360
Will it work on your coolant?

Video speed has been incresed for the sake of brevity
If you don't know if our unit will work with your coolant we suggest a simple shake test (see the video <-- ). Using a pint jar scoop up some of you coolant, seal the container and shake vigously. If after 15-30 minutes you see it oil separate out as in the video you are good to go.

If your coolant has deteriorated to the point the your tramp oil is part of the coolant emulsion, its probably best to start with clean coolant and use the ULTRA 360 to keep it clean and extend its life.
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